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Company Policies
Have a Ball Party Rentals and Event Planning reserves the right to refuse to complete any event that has the potential to cause damage to its equipment or, in its opinion, may pose undue risk to riders or others in the immediate area.
All unit pricing includes free delivery, set-up and removal within a 15 mile radius of Have a Ball.  AnBounce Houses Atlanta additional delivery charge may apply if you are not located within 15 miles of our company.  Have a Ball Party Rentals and Event Planning serves the Atlanta Metro Area.

A deposit is required at the time a reservation is made to hold a rental and/or services.  The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the unit and/or services requested.  For party rentals, the remaining balance will be due on the day of your event.  For event planning services, the payment of the remaining balance will depend on the service requested.  Please be sure to inform us of your method of payment for the remaining balance due in advance.  If you will be paying by credit card we will need to process your card on the morning of your party or event.

We have flexible methods of payments.  We gladly accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and ATM cards displacing any of these symbols.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but no personal check will not be accepted.

Deposits made for rentals are fully refundable if cancellation is made 7 calendar days prior to the scheduled rental date.  Reservations canceled 3 to 7 days prior to the scheduled rental date are entitled to a rain check good for 1 year from the date of cancellation.  If an event is canceled after 3 days of the scheduled event, the deposit is not refundable.  The cancellations policy for event planning services will differ depending on the service requested.   If full rental amount has been paid in advance, all funds received in excess of the deposit will be fully refundable up to the day of rental, however once the unit or units leave our warehouse and/or is are setup, the full amount of the rental is non-refundable. Any and all refunds are issued by check and are mailed to the lessee.

Bad Weather
Have a ball will not setup equipment in rain, snow, high wind (in excess of 25 mph), or muddy conditions. It is strongly recommended that you reserve an alternate indoor location for your event (such as a church or school gym). In the event of the possibility of bad weather, you will be given the option to cancel 2 hours prior to the event and receive a refund of your deposit if there is a 50% chance of rain or more. If you choose to have us come out and we are unable to set up due to weather conditions (wind, rain, snow, mud) you will forfeit your deposit. Once setup, the full amount of the rental is non-refundable, even if the event is cut short due to bad weather.  Have A Ball is not responsible for bad weather.  ONCE WE SET UP, THE RENTAL IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

Setup Charges


Once Have A Ball Party Rentals has set up equipment then the full amount is due.  No circumstances are refundable from this point forth.  The customer will just incur their normal fees for renting inflatable/ party rental equipment.

Parks & Public Venues

Have a Ball Party rentals is not responsible for the rules and regulations of Parks and Public Venues.  At Have A Ball Party Rentals, our job is to deliver party equimpent to you, the client, and our job ends there.  Customer is still responsible for finding out all laws, permits, rules.etc.  for their event.  Have A Ball Party Rentals will not owe customers refunds for violations of the venues policies.

Cold Weather
At temperatures below 45 degrees, the inflatable units can not be set up. If you book an event when there is the possibility of cold weather and you do not have an indoor location, be aware that upon arrival we may not be able to set up the equipment if the air temperature is below 45 degrees. You will be given the option to cancel 2 hours prior to the event and receive a refund of your deposit; however your deposit is not refundable once the units leave our warehouse.

Renter is fully responsible for the care of all equipment while it is in their possession.  They must pay full retail value of any equipment rented under this form that they do not return and/or damaged beyond repair.  They will have to pay for the cost of the repair and the shipping and handling fees for all equipment damaged during their rental period and/or in their possession.  They must pay extra rental fee for any equipment damaged, or returned late.  They must return all rental equipment in a clean, dry condition to avoid any additional charges.

Moonwalk, Bounce House, and/or Jump House Rules

  • Compatible age groups must play on unit at the same time. Different age groups or different sized children should not be mixed.
  • The Jumper, moonwalk, bounce house, water slide, combination unit, or obstacle course is designed for children and is not recommended for adults.
  • The maximum number of children allowed in the moonwalks/jumper is as follows:
  • Ages 2-8 (8 jumpers)
  • Ages 9-13 (6 jumpers)
  • Teenagers (4-6 jumpers)

All persons must remove shoes, glasses, jewelry, and anything else that may harm other people or the jumper itself.No flips or somersaultsNo food or drink inside or near the jumperDo not cut plastic ties in front of jumper. Do not remove or adjust stakes, or tie down ropes once they have been adjusted by our driver.Do not tape or fasten anything to the jumpNO SILLY STRING!Children must be supervised at all times. Read a list of the rules to all children prior to the using the jump.


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